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Alpha is Energy Star® CertifiedEnergy Star Cert

We are thrilled to share that Alpha has attained an impressive ENERGY STAR® score of 86, signifying that our building surpasses 86% of similar structures nationwide in terms of energy efficiency. Click here to learn more about Energy Star® certification.

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More Than A Mission Statementalpha book

“We came into the business together. We built the business together. It’s only appropriate that we tell our story and write this book together.” – Frank Rotello & Brent Bernardi

Peer into the heart and soul of Alpha Controls & Services and see how we take common courtesy and make it our mission. Starting with the statement “Alpha Controls & Services is a team, committed to enabling opportunities, by eliminating barriers, through leveraging technology, to assist our customers in achieving their business objectives,” founders Frank Rotello and Brent Bernardi explain how they established a culture of excellence that placed their customers at the heart of their business. Whether in hiring practices or the standards established for operations, their message has spread throughout the daily life of each employee. Honesty and transparency have been infused into our roots, encouraging customer-centered processes to grow. Read how a mission statement from 2003 created a culture that has grown into more than a mission statement.

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